Kinfolk B

March 12, 2019

Listen: Kafari by Sigur Rós

You’ve heard sound baths are the latest addition to the wellness-sphere, so it should not surprise you that they have already been commoditized by Beautiful People. Recently Neuehouse has been hosting sound baths with Sigur Rós so you can zen out to a socially-approved set of sounds, and they have more programs in the works. On that note, please enjoy Sigur Rós’ song, Kafari, the singing-bowl counterpart to their dark, Nordic rock. Turn it up and transcend something.

Getting serious

But don’t think that modern transcendence is relegated to well-dressed Sweetgreen clientele. According to The Atlantic, more and more Americans are adopting full-on Buddhism as a means of addressing their mental health. Meditation is, after all, cheaper and more accessible than therapy, and there’s a resonant truth to the whole “attachment is the root of human suffering” thing, particularly in an age of aggressive work culture and connectivity. Speaking of, has anyone tried meditating to Nirvana?

Meanwhile, Christianity

Jesus is getting hip, too, mind you, and not just in Bieber’s house. Complementing the country-star-pastor aesthetic is the arrival of the hipster Bible, a Kinfolk-style glossy mag that sets segments of scripture in an airy, minimalist coffee-table edition. At $30 per edition or $150 per set, Alabaster might be more of a home decor choice to impress your stylish Christian friends, but I can also see it as the push you need to actually read the text. Whatever gets you there.

So just how mainstream is this sound meditation thing?

Behold: a singing bowl from Anthropologie.

New idea: ten-day meditation retreat that is also a music festival. I am very not kidding.