Raising the bar

March 13, 2019

Listen: Can’t Run But by Paul Simon

Last year, Paul Simon put out an album of songs that he thought needed revisiting, and his updated version of “Can’t Run But” has proved insidious. When the original came out in 1990, it was about the way society loses its humanity when we try to charge too quickly toward progress. Nearly 20 years later, it’s still about that, but its musical setting is frenetic and restless, laced with a sense of unease. As a revision it feels correct, and reminds you that old truths die hard. Take a listen.

Nobody date the management at Clif

Did you see Clif’s open letter to KIND last week? They bought a full-page ad in the NYT challenging KIND bars to go organic and offering to “lend their expertise” in the transition. It’s not a competitor thing, they said– it’s extending a helping hand. Passive-aggressively, that is, and in a super public venue. So. Friends?

For context

The bar market right now is INSANE. Visit that last aisle and see– there’s the protein bar, the chocolate-nut, the date-style RX… we now have so many varieties that some companies have started branching out into other grocery sections just for more distinguished shelf space. You know those refrigerated Perfect bars? They don’t actually need to be cold; they just wanted out from an already-saturated aisle. Tough market, but as a silver lining on the competition, you might say the snack sector has… raised the bar?

Or opt out

Fuck ’em. Here’s Deb Perelman with a recipe for your very own granola bars. Feel free to use organic ingredients if you’re feeling the heat. Or don’t– how many full-page ads is Clif going to buy?

The Game” as marketing bible.