Blue Steel

April 1, 2019

Listen: Waste by Twen

In case you’re feeling Monday, here’s an airy little indie rock song about squelching your self-doubt. On “Waste,” the Nashville duo talks about using music to escape from your spirals of negative thinking– might as well use their song as a first shot, right? What an optimistic week opener. Listen here.

TJ’s To Cut Plastic

Reaching here, but have you heard we’re supposed to cut back on plastic? Thanks to one million articles, everybody knows how to buy cloth bags and jars as a part of the effort, but while you’re greening up, you’ve got to wonder what grocery stores are going to do with all of their packaging. True to form, Trader Joe’s is here with an answer. Because they package so many of the products in their own supply chain, they’re able (and planning) to cut plastic from their totally unnecessary produce wrapping; swap out styrofoam trays for recyclable ones; and stop individually packing teabags. And according to their people, that amounts to one million pounds of waste each year. Key Foods, your move.

Damn coastal elites

To balance out that dose of bougie, please enjoy this feature in the Times on the fossil fuel people who now work in renewables. Imagine! Oil and coal types are usually right-wingers, right? So why would they participate in lefty environmentalism? Chris Riley of Utah comments, “it’s not ideology. It’s just math,” meaning that there’s now money in renewables in a way that there isn’t in, say, coal. Don’t worry, Chris. None of the Times readers are judging you.

And a biodegradable water bottle

While most of us idiots were out here ditching plastic, a company called Cove was hard at work making a biodegradable, single-use water bottle. Made of PHA and nontoxic pigments, the Cove bottle says it will decompose into “CO₂, water, and organic waste” within five years. 1. Good luck competing with Coke for the distribution you’d need to actually make an impact, and 2. It still seems like avoiding single-use plastic is the less resource-intensive solution. But congrats on making a thing.

MerMAN, pop. MER-MAN.