Sock it to ’em

April 11, 2019

Listen: Lux Prima by Karen O and Danger Mouse

Brought to you by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Danger Mouse of Gnarles Barkley, Broken Bells *and* Danger Doom,”Lux Prima” is an unlikely collaboration that brings you to an unlikely place and time— or rather, to a grab bag of both. The song is like a galactic world contained in the space of a 60s movie soundtrack, with maybe just a tinge of 80s electro tagged on. With chords changing the mood on a dime, a mysterious plane of dark, synthy clouds is occasionally broken by a ray of light that disappears just as quickly, keeping you hanging on every beat. Good thing the song lasts nine minutes; you need time for all that beautiful, hazy ambling. And if your wander extends longer, there’s a whole album under the same name.

A new world as we know it for finance bros everywhere

Monumental news in the business world: Patagonia has decided to stop producing fleece vests for companies you might characterize as “douchey” (or in polite language, “tech” and “finance”).  The official company line is that they want to focus more on partnering with “Certified B Corporations, 1% For The Planet members and other mission-driven companies that prioritize the planet,” which is also code for, “please don’t associate us with those guys.” It’s a valiant move by the outdoors company, and a dark day for rich torsos everywhere. Heaven forbid they should resort to Columbia.

Welcome the fashion sock

In the gap left by the finance vest, please welcome the fashion sock. I’m not the first to tell you that we wear sandals with socks now. And as the aesthetic moves from post-high-school-soccer-game to, well, intentional, it’s going upscale. You know what that means: really nice socks. Comme Si has been the brand of choice for fashion types since they launched in February with a vibrant-but-sophisticated color palette and a medium rise that sits just so. It also can’t hurt that many of them are made of really soft, breathable silk. Are you a fashion type? Do you aspire to be one? Now you know what to put on your feet.


Planning to wash those any time soon? $

Meet Dropps, laundry pods made with ingredients that won’t stress you out. Thanks to biodegradable plant-based formulas, they’re safer for your clothes and the planet – and cheaper than bigger brands. If you want to try them out, use the code LOREMIPSUM for 30% off your first Dropps order and they’ll ship it to you in plastic-free, compostable packaging. And if you like them, you can save another 20% on a subscription. Sweet sweet sweet.


Rinse, repeat.



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