March 27, 2019

Listen: Ghosting by Emily Reo

The first few seconds of this song suggest it might be lame, but then it is very, very interesting. Its soft indie-pop intro builds with jazzy percussion into a warm instrumental place; then a full break introduces a beat-heavy hook, which transforms itself yet again near the end for a climax. It’s four sonic worlds in one song, a rich, textural home for lyrics about wanting to escape a kind of anxious purgatory. If you like it (and you will), look out for Reo’s upcoming album, Only You Can See It, out April 12th.

Oh noooooo

Well, you guys, it happened. People are now hiring mediums instead of therapists. They might have you call them “intuitives” or “healers,” but whatever the title, the practitioners in vogue are high-priced wellness gurus who feel that they can “intuit vibrations” to help you process your life better. (Reminder from our dear friend, capitalism: you can buy happiness.) Before your lips utter “Goop,” let me assure you that psychic-seeking is already a Paltrow-sanctioned activity, and multiple celebrity mediums held sessions at this year’s “In Goop Health” conference. And while Gwyneth won’t stop Gwynething, the more alarming news is that, according to the Pew Research Center,  62% of Americans believe in stuff like reincarnation and astrology and 41% believe in psychics. All of which is to say, if you’re torn between hating the player and hating the game, make it easy on yourself and choose both.

Don’t Stop There

In other news, the world of astrology and Silicon Valley have begun to intersect, and there is now a whole constellation, if you will, of astrology startups. There’s the “Talkspace for astrology”  (otherwise known as “Sanctuary”), which does free horoscopes *or* on-demand readings for $20 a month. Then there’s Co-Star, which asks users to connect with each other and measure their compatibility based on their astrological intricacies. The Sanctuary CEO points out, “The venture world has definitely been paying attention to everything that’s happening in meditation and wellness and self-care more broadly,” so he’s shocked that “no one has translated or reimagined the astrological reading for a mobile format.” Hmmm maybe it’s BECAUSE ASTROLOGY IS NOT THERAPY.

As an alternative

A magic eight ball is perhaps the more cost-effective future-prediction solution. At $8.50, it answers all your questions *and* conveniently earns you throwback points when people come to visit. If you need more, maybe skip straight to a licensed mental health professional. (Revolutionary, I know.)

Your favorite Sagittarius,*



*I hear we’re skeptics


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