September 12, 2018

Listen: Good In You by Seinabo Sey

You’re gonna need a little lift to get through the bummer subject below, so here’s a little bop from Seinabo Sey about the goodness within. It’s just this side of cheesy, which I think just means ‘catchy’– prime for a movie soundtrack, or just for the soundtrack to your super cinematic day. (Play now.)

More STDs, yay

Big news everyone, STDs are currently at an all-time high! For the fourth year in a row, hot infections include syphilis and chlamydia, but it’s¬†gonorrhea that’s the belle of the ball, with a new antibiotic-resistant strain that could leave patients up a creek. This rapid regression owes its speed to a lag in condom use, according to the CDC (assuming a false sense of security with other birth control methods is also at play here), in addition to a stagnation in government funding toward prevention efforts. Which I wouldn’t expect to resolve any time soon.

Freeze your eggs though

While everybody’s out contracting STDs, egg freezing companies are having a ball courting young women who can’t imagine having a kid any time soon. Between work being hard, tinder not working, and a general climate of angst, egg-freezing seems like an insurance policy against a ticking body clock. But few women under 35 were really thinking about it until a crop of egg-freezing clinics started targeting younger women, hard. From alarmist messaging (‘YOUR FERTILITY IS WANING’) to¬†influencer marketing to in-clinic cocktail parties, anything goes in the quest to freak out young women about yet another supposed failure of their bodies. The fix this time costs more than mascara, but promise, it’s “because you’re worth it.”


Despite variable results using frozen eggs, the rub here is control. We’re not in control of our bodies, and even less of the world around us (need I mention the ways those things are intertwined), so freezing our eggs feels like harnessing our futures. Who’s in?

Speaking of planning for the future $

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So, wrap it before you tap it, and bank those eggs. Got it.




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