Big Bush Energy

February 11, 2019

Listen: Root by Sonnymoon

Sonnymoon is Anna Wise, Dane Orr and J. Hoard, a Brooklyn trio that’s been around since at least two of them graduated from Berklee circa 2012. And “Root” is among the great new singles they released in 2018. Its opening, a sparse, percussive repeat hook, lays a foundation for a buildout that’s surprisingly warm. Anna joins the male voice (J.?) to layer harmonies that swell to something close to a spiritual around the 2-minute mark, and together they make a climax of the comedown, setting a hazy, legato chorus of vocals underneath the hook from the opening, leaving you in the battle scene of whatever film this song should be scoring. It’s a complex listen masquerading as something simple, and it might just last you all week. Yay.

Get that big bush energy

Just an update on the state of hair and skin care: anywhere you have either one, you can apply an expensive product, and the focus on the nether regions is starting to rival the energy we spend on the face. Fur, for example, is still going strong with products that either soften your grown-out pubes or help you mitigate the effects of removing them. Then there’s Queen V’s Swipe Right Wipes, good for a little last-minute clean. And a company called Two L(i)ps is making a vaginal sheet mask. Can we get a vag Retin-A?

Miracle Gro All In 4 Weed

Speaking of big bushes, Miracle Gro is now heavy in the weed market. According to their CEO, they’ve become one of the major suppliers for cannabis cultivators by doubling down on selling everything you need to grow weed indoors: hydroponics, soil, fertilizer, grow lights and the like, all without touching the plant itself. That’s obviously a sweet way to ride the wave without getting caught up in any legal ambiguities, and the company hopes to ride it even further. As a next step, they need to figure out how to supply the big growers in addition to the indie guys and hobbyists. But if their name applies at all to their business model, they’ve got it in the bag.

Extra smart

Miracle Gro has also got this little growing hutch for sale at West Elm. Not dumb to get in with all the aspirational houseplant types, right? Product description below; emphasis added by me.


The Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System is an all-in-one water-based unit that takes the guesswork out of growing indoors, allowing you to grow your “favorite food” right in the comfort of your own home. It creates the perfect growing conditions for “herbs” and “leafy greens” to thrive indoors. With a classic, minimalist design and everything you need in one place, growing your own fresh food has never been this simple. Fire your dealer now!

Let’s see that hockey stick groth 🌱🌱🌱