Arty boys

March 6, 2019

Listen: Arty Boy by Flight Facilities, ft. Emma Louise

What you get from this song is unmistakably “party,” but you can’t really know how much until you watch the video. In your headphones, there’s poppy bass and synths and rhythm guitar, which is all well and good. But in the video, after a long bit of intro dialog, you get a bunch of intergenerational raging and– why not– weightlifting, which is all the more disorienting underneath the lyrics floating above: “all I want to know is what you think about me, arty boy.” Pls dive in– this is bizarre.

A new place for child stars

Spoiler: it’s YouTube. There’s kind of a fascinating Wired article up right now about the world of “kidfluencers” and how young social media fame differs from big-screen child stardom. Internet fame sounds more low-key, to be honest, in that most social-famous kids do their work at home and with their families, rather than on-set with big-time famous adults. But the parental dynamic with social media kids is no less exploitative, particularly in cases where parents build brands off of children too young to even know what social media is. As you give this article a hate-read, please note its delightful prose: ” On Instagram, families seem to go for a controlled-chaos aesthetic—a Kondo’d Jon & Kate Plus 8. On YouTube, it’s more like late-capitalist Blue’s Clues.” So good.

Grown dudes still love Legos

As a refreshing antidote to the piece above, please meet the Millennial men who are staying in on weekends to build Legos. According to this profile in Mel, they’re typically dudes with office jobs who are just super relieved to be in the moment and make something with their hands. It’s an expensive hobby, but not more than drinking, PLUS you end up with these sick adult-quality Lego sculptures in your home. There’s got to be a gallery for this, right?


According to, there are many excellent new Lego sets to try. But if you ask me (a woman!), the app-controlled Batmobile looks pretty dope.


See you Friday?

And just like that, “will” becomes the key word in “boys will be boys.” Who saw it coming.



PS I was on Matt Hartman’s TLDRdaily podcast last week talking about that amazing article on WeWork culture. It’s a very low-stakes 5 minutes, so take a listen. (All the episodes are this short, and each features a person discussing an article that caught their attention. So maybe you want to listen to more!)