Anything but the Big Mac

February 6, 2019

Listen: Ottolenghi by Jordan Rakei and Loyle Carner

You’d think a song named ‘Ottolenghi’ from Loyle Carner would be some kind of hip hop takedown, but it’s actually a totally sincere bit of fuzzy jazz-pop. As the story goes, Carner also has a side life in the food world, so the lyrics to this song are about talking with his family about the Bible he was reading– the one by Ottolenghi. So sweet, right? Or, maybe it was Simple. Jerusalem? So many Bibles to choose from!

Have it your way, truly.

Favorite news item of the last I don’t even know: McDonald’s recently sued a smaller burger chain called Supermac’s for copyright infringement in the EU and lost, which also resulted in the loss of their own Big Mac copyright. Whoops! So right on time, Burger King has debuted an entire Not-Big-Mac menu, which means you can now order items like ‘Anything but a Big Mac,’  ‘Like a Big Mac, But Actually Big,’ and the ‘Burger Big Mac Wished It Was.’ BK is having it their way, and ‘their way’ appears to be adding insult to injury. If only we lived in Europe.

McDonald’s Not The Only Stupid Ones

Did you hear the news? According to a great new report, it turns out that the people who are most strongly against GMOs also understand the least about food science. (Spoiler: it’s cause GMOs are actually pretty much fine.) Just a fun fact to pull out when you need it.

Plenty More where that came from

For any Bible thumpers in the room.

I’m…… lovin’ it?



PS I learned through writing this that the real Ottolenghi’s website is janky AF. Is this what it means to be a celebrity chef? Your website has to be worse than the Food Network’s?


PPS CONGRATS friends at Anchor and Gimlet on the Spotify acquisitions. Wow!