“A” is for “Autosexual”

March 15, 2019

Listen: Only One by Gemma

The first thing to know here is that the band Gemma consists of zero people named Gemma. But together, the vocalist Felicia Douglass and producer Erik Gundel make a super decent team. In advance of their album, Feeling’s Not A Tempo, which will drop in May, they just released a single, “Only One,” which manages to meld the vocal vibes of the Dawson’s Creek themesong with a sort of Bela-Fleck free jazz and Dave Matthews optimism, all in a sparkly, fragmented-synth package that feels new, if comfortable. Dive in and pay lots of attention to the song’s details, and then keep it on your burner til the full album arrives.

New Vocab Word

Remember when people discovered the word “sapiosexual” and every dating app blew up with people professing to be physically attracted to intellect? If you miss that time, good news! We have a new sexuality term on our hands. An “autosexual” is a person who is sexually attracted to themselves. For all the psychological red flags it raises, it sounds kinda…convenient, right?

For those who love others

What a delight to watch the media observe Snake People* as we age. This week, the olds are flipping out about couples who are forgoing engagement rings. The author of the styles piece in question mentions one groom who proposed with a ring-shaped leaf, and another who skipped the finger ornament in favor of a plane ticket. It’s almost as if people would rather have a chunk of money than a small, expensive item. What crazy cost-saving measure will the youth come up with next!

For those who love the planet $

The eco-friendly outdoor apparel company United By Blue is collaborating with Canadian footwear brand SOLE to roll out what they’re calling the world’s most sustainable shoe, and it is super nice. It’s a kind of fashion sneaker made of all recycled, upcycled and sustainable materials: a recycled wine cork sole, merino wool and repurposed-bison-fiber body, an algae-based insole and a rice rubber grip, so it keeps more materials out of landfills and also biodegrades better than your typical shoe. The design dropped on Kickstarter a few weeks ago and blew past its goal, which means you can pre-order a pair from their Kickstarter page now. Highly recommend— get yours here.

Say it with me: “I do.”




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