One word for you (it’s “plastics”)

September 5, 2018

Listen: Good Luck by Meernaa

In a week that feels like a series of Mondays (though we would never complain about the long weekend, would we) here’s the chillest thing I can find: “Good Luck” by this Oakland band Meernaa. I get the sense they have a healing crystal or two between them; according to their bio, their “syrupy grooves” “will allow you to let go of something you didn’t know you were holding.” But on this track you’ll find the reverse; between the cotton-soft vocals, laid-back riffs and mellow keys, it feels like the song is holding you, and in case you have any doubts, the lyrics back it up: “good luck finding somebody like me / who’s gonna love you endlessly.” We’ll take it on a Monday-Wednesday.

Plastics really are that bad

It’s not just your local straw lobby– Lego is looking for a way to remake their bricks (and ladders, and little figures) out of something new that isn’t petroleum-based by 2030. That time window should give you a sense of how difficult that is; they need to replicate an exacting structure– pliable, snappy– and their vibrant colors, through a totally different formula that’s either recycled or plant-based. Can they fix it? Hope they can! (And I also hope Bob the Builder is their cheerleader on this.)

Lego not the only one

Lightyears ahead of them, in fact, is Dunkin’ Donuts, which recently debuted the new replacement for their styrofoam cups that they’ve been working on for ten years. Ditching styrofoam for obvious environmental reasons (and the exciting business reason that the younger generation refuses to use it), they had to find an alternative that was equally cheap and light, insulated, and better for the environment than the plastic-coated paper that everyone else uses. The result, gradually rolling out now, is a double-walled paper cup that’s heavy on air and easy to hold. Snake People*, rejoice! At least for one second, before I tell you that older Dunkin’s devotees have been hoarding the styrofoam cups so that they can use them as insulation outside their regular iced coffee cups, a habit they’ve developed over decades and aren’t changing now (until they’re forced to in 2020, when the foam no longer exists). What will we do when they tackle those orange straws?



You saw this coming

I bet all your favorite Amazon affiliate media outlets have given you rundowns on the best non-plastic straws by now. Here’s my fave from the Strategist, complete with glass, silicone, and extra wide for the boba-addicted. Now just remember to never be without it and you’re good to go.

Does anyone else feel like The Graduate now means something totally new?