"A friend forwarded me Lorem Ipsum and I subsequently wet myself"

"Thanks to Lorem my friends think I'm cool"

"The New York Times should be drooling"


Ok cool so what is this


Lorem Ipsum keeps you relevant. It's a newsletter that comes 3 times weekly, all about music, food, design, whatever's cool on that day. Written by Margot Boyer-Dry in Brooklyn (👋 👋), it's good for staying generally on top of things, and even better for having interesting things to talk about on dates--or at your office, or wherever you need to look like you're on top of shit, really. 

Would love to avoid writing a whole manifesto, but it seems important to explain the name. So, briefly: 'Lorem Ipsum,' the term, is filler text. Like, if you're making a website and you want to put in some text but don't know what it'll say yet, you put this Latin placeholder: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consecatur,' etc etc etc. It's nonsense, but it helps you visualize what the text will look like until you're ready to put in the real thing.

Lorem Ipsum the newsletter is about culture. Culture changes all the time, and quickly-- looking back on it feels embarrassing, kind of like reading old diary entries (just pick up any 1980s magazine and see), but it's still worth talking about, isn't it? So think of Lorem as a placeholder on culture, marking time as it passes and trends evolve. That's the cerebral grounding, but it's mostly laughs in there, so get on the list and have some fun. See you in your inbox.



PS BIG THANKS to @aniacopian for the homepage gif and Jesse Rose for the tech.